What we do

We provide safe water solutions for children in the most vulnerable areas of the world. We focus on the hard-to-reach rural areas in developing countries since these are often the most neglected populations.

How do we eradicate water-borne diseases from hard-to-reach communities?

Partner Locally and Activate Schools

We have developed strategic partnership with local organizations in the areas we serve to help implement our projects. They help develop the project around the specific needs of each specific community. Our project leaders also facilitate a coordinated approach with any other WASH-related initiatives in place by the government health agencies. Most of our projects are women-led and require up to 100 volunteers to be successful.


Our patented Pure Shores CPS technology was developed to specifically end the water crisis in hard-to-reach areas. Each device can provide safe water for up to 2,000 people per day. It uniquely solves all three problems needed to eradicate water borne disease - water purification, surface sterilization, and handwashing with soap. And, it’s so easy, a child can operate it - which they usually do in our school-based projects.

Innovative Education

The long term impact of any water project relies upon our recipient’s adoption of the new behaviors needed. Our projects focus on children, so our education needs to be innovative and fun. We’ve made considerable investments to engage our school age children in dynamic WASH education.

Deliberate Sustainability

Sustainability is the most overused and under delivered word in the not-for-profit world. We believe every Untapped project must be set up to last long after our funding is exhausted.

People Impacted
Villages brought safe water

Our Three Project Types

We have narrowed our focus to three project types which uniquely and sustainably end the water crisis while having the best return-on-investment for donor dollars.

School-based WASH projects

Our school-based WASH projects erase water-borne diseases quickly and permanently from the schools and health centers of a village.

I Stop Traffick - WASH for anti - trafficking

Our WASH for Anti-Trafficking projects using water entrepreneurship to end trafficking for vulnerable young girls in Mubende, Uganda. It’s a first-of-its-kind approach to simultaneously end trafficking with a solution that ends the water crisis in her village.

The Water Cup

The Water Cup is a ground-breaking approach to solving the water crisis for thousands of children through the use of the common language shared by children around the world, Soccer.

Stories From The Field

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More That Water

Clean water for vulnerable children is our primary mission. However, our projects contribute to other important Sustainable Development Goals.

Clean Water and Sanitation

Untapped projects bring new access to safe water to vulnerable children and keep them safe with sanitation and handwashing. Learn More

Good Health and Well-Being

Untapped projects help keep school children safe from the spread of COVID-19 in their schools. In clinics, our Pure Shores helps reduce preventable maternal mortality by sterilizing the birthing suite. Learn More

Gender Equality

Untapped Shores projects are run by our Untapped women water entrepreneurs. Their leadership in bringing safe water to their village gives them an important voice.


Through the leadership of our projects, the Untapped women waterpreneurs are placed in position of influence as they become subject matter experts for sustainable safe water within their villages.

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