A ground-breaking approach to solving the water crisis for more than 5000 children in the Kibera slums of Kenya through the use of Soccer.


Watch The WATER Cup documentary, a powerful story about how we transformed the health and safety of 5,000 children with a large soccer tournament in the Kibera slums!

  • Step One: ENGAGE 5000 children across 31 schools with a large soccer tournament
  • Step Two: TEACH THEM about safe water and sanitation
  • Step Three: GIVE THEM THE TOOLS to eradicate water-borne disease from their school, forever

Project Overview


The Kibera slums is one of the harshest environment for a child to grow up. In Kibera, like many of the rural villages Untapped projects serve, children do no fully understand the risk presented with drinking unsafe water.


Untapped Shores is different than many other water organizations as we put a significant focus on innovation in education. If we can get the children excited to learn about the dangers of unsafe water they will be eager to learn how to reduce the risk. As their behaviors around water purification, sanitation, and handwashing evolve there is an overflow effect on the community. As their generate grows up, a new precedent has been established to eradicate water-borne disease.

In short, if we can engage children in embracing new behaviors we solve the water crisis permanently.


Enter the idea for THE WATER CUP. Soccer is a foundational part of life for Kibera children. So we hosted a large soccer tournament for 31 schools. Their entrance fee was to complete the Untapped WASH training program at their school. When they completed the training each school also received a Pure Shores device (hyperlink) to provide unlimited chlorine bleach for water purification, sanitation and hand washing for their school. Each school also received an Untapped group handwashing station outside of their latrine.

Soccer was the mechanism of engagement. Safe water was the end goal.


  • 5,425 children have daily safe water for the first time ever.
  • 31 high-risk schools in the Kibera slums completed the Untapped WASH training
  • 31 Pure Shores devices were provided enabling schools to produce unlimited amounts of Pure Shores chlorine, eliminating dependence on the government supply chain
  • 31 Untapped group wash stations were provided to enable daily handwashing with soap at the schools.
  • 1 at-risk young woman hired as our Untapped WASH trainer to provide continuous training to the 31 schools
  • 10,000 bottles of Pure Shores chlorine bleach provided to to the children at their homes to keep them healthy at home during the COVID-19 pandemic school shutdown.
  • Thousands of residents of Kibera slums received safe water, sanitation, and hand washing education during the soccer tournament.