School-Based WASH Projects

Our passion is bringing new access to daily safe water to children. Naturally, schools are a great place to focus. Our implementation model represents an exciting, engaging approach to eradicate water-borne diseases from rural schools in a way where the children own the solution.

Here’s how it works:

Design And Set Up The Project



Our local partners setup a community-based committee in the village which supports the school. This committee typically includes: women project leader, village chiefs and elders, school leadership, government WASH representatives and strategic volunteer leaders. The project design, local contribution, timeline, and sustainability plan are outlined.

We run pumps and pipes from the local water source, drill a borehole (well), build a rainwater harvesting system, or a combination of all three to transport water to a large collection tank on the school campus. All schools receive Untapped group handwashing stations to safely wash hands with a Pure Shores/water mix.



Build The Infrastructure For Water Access

Excite And Educate The Students



Our traveling Edutainment (Learn More) singing/drama group visits the school and puts on an educational performance about the importance of drinking water purified with Pure Shores and washing your hands. The children participate in the Untapped WASH education program.

The teachers and children are taught how to operate the Pure Shores technology (Learn More) and use it to eliminate water-borne diseases from their school. Pure Shores is used to purify drinking water, sterilize food and latrine areas, and for hand washing.



Integrate The Pure Shores Technology

Monitor And Evaluate



We monitor and evaluate the project for impact and opportunities for improvement. Income generating activities are also launched during this phase to help achieve financial sustainability.

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