The Pure Shores was created as a low-cost technology capable of having a large-scale impact.  Through saline electrolysis the Pure Shores localizes the production of sodium hypochlorite (chlorine bleach), the global gold-standard for water purification.  The power of the liquid produced is in it’s versatility.  A single Pure Shores device can purify enough clean water for a village of 2,000 people per day.   However, it can also address sanitation and hygiene to uniquely eliminate water-borne bacteria in every place it exists, well beyond water.

Easy as 1,2,3

The Pure Shores is so easy to operate, even a child can use it.  In fact, in most of our projects implemented in schools, children actually lead the water and sanitation training!

  • Step One: COLLECT

  • Step Two: CONNECT

  • Step Three: POUR

What’s in the Pure Shores kit?

The Pure Shores kit includes everything to begin creating sodium hypochlorite right out of the bag.  Take a look at the video to  see the exact content of the kit.

  • Strap bag fits the entire kit for easy transport

  • The Pure Shores was designed to be compact and lightweight