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Safe and Healthy Moms

One of the founders of Untapped Shores spent two years working for Merck for Mothers, the global leader in the fight to end maternal mortality.  Part of that time involved living in Uganda meeting the mothers the initiative aimed to help.  These mothers were just like yours and mine. Except there is one big difference, they were born into an environment that puts them at a high risk of dying while giving birth. To say the least this is population that is near and dear to the hearts of our two founders so we have set out to erase one of the preventable causes of death.

15% of maternal death occurs due to infection.  This is preventable. Our clinic leaders use Pure Shores in the following ways to aggressively erase maternal infection: sterilization of the birthing suite and all medical tools, hand washing, purified water is used during birth and issues to mother to bring home, diluted chlorine bleach is distributed (and refills provided) to aid in sterilization at home.

As our friends at Merck compassionately say, “No woman should die while giving life.” We agree.

Of preventable maternal death is due to infection
Minutes it takes to sterilize the birthing suite with Pure Shores
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When a mother dies her village goes into chaos.  We are thankful to receive this device to keep our mums and her baby safe from bacteria during and after her pregnancy.



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