Project Description

Water is life, and drones can help

Drone technology can transform how leaders in rural developing villages plan their water strategy for the dry season.

The co-Founders of Untapped Shores are FAA Part 107 certified commercial drone pilots.  Having flown drones in 45 countries they understand how the evolving drone technology can open up doors for the hardest-to-reach populations in developing areas of the world.

Untapped Shores uses technology to solve the clean water crisis and we believe that drone technology can help village planning during the dry season while also reducing water wasted with inefficient irrigation operations.  At the end of the day it doesn’t matter how we improve the quantity and sustainability of safe drinking water. #DronesForGood

Of water used for irrigation and farming is wasted
Of Zambians have access to surface water or other sources easily contaminated by animal and human waste
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The sky’s the limit for the humanitarian good drones can provide for hard-to-reach villages!

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