Project Description

Sustainable water through education

Every safe water intervention is only as strong as the education platform that holds it together.  Infotainment is an approach we are using to transform how our projects drive engagement and sustainability.

Untapped Shores believes that if we break the cycle of poor water purification, handwashing, and sanitation habits at the school age level we can instill unprecedented levels of positive community health gains for generations to come.  Thus, our WASH (water, sanitation, hygiene) educational platform is designed to be engaging for school age children.

As a result, our partner-developed infotainment has garnered the attention of school districts throughout Uganda.  The local government sees the impact and the value it brings to improving public health and are getting involved with both policy and finances.  We strive for full project self-sustainability within 1-3 years and our educational platform makes it possible. Kids-teaching-kids, a novel approach.

Our 4 Pillars of Sustainability represent the areas that can best drive permanent project success. A trusted local ambassador serves as the foundation while the growth and sustainability of each project is held together by our unique education platform.
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Participatory theatre (infotainment) has exceeded its desired effect to capture the attention of the school children to make healthy choices.  Indeed, the children are telling their families at home who have also been interested to attend the training and performances!



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