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When natural disasters occur it can instantly send a population into chaos.  If the water treatment infrastructure is compromised as a result of the event, a water and sanitation crisis becomes an instant public health priority.  If quick utility repair is not possible, Pure Shores CPS provides the bridge to purify mass amounts of water until adequate aid can reach the victims.

In cases of flooding or other public exposure to raw sewage, sanitation becomes a major public health concern.  With just the sun and salt, unlimited chlorine bleach can be produced with the Pure Shores to help fight the spread of water-borne infectious disease.

Pure Shores has become a valuable complementary tool to natural disaster first responder teams due to its large scale impact, portability, and versatility for water purification and disinfection capabilities. Sun + Salt is all you need.

# of days following a natural disaster water-borne disease can outbreak
Of deaths in disaster relief camps occur due to water-borne disease
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Water borne diseases are a main cause of communicable disease after disaster. Ensuring constant delivery of safe drinking-water is the major preventive measure to be applied after a natural disaster…According to WHO guidelines, Chlorine is broadly obtainable, low-cost, easily used and effective against almost all waterborne pathogens.

NIH REPORT (2015) • Prevention of communicable disease after disaster


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