Untapped Shores Ambassador Jorge Gonzalez is seen here carrying a backpack full of health and health to the disaster relief zones in VI – aka a PURE Shores water unit that can serve 2,000 people per day. Imagine how many cases of water he’d have to carry on his back to have the same impact…  Thank you to our \// Ambassadors, donors, and influencers who made this a reality. We salute you!  #hurricaneirma  #untappedshores #cleanwaterforall  #disasterrelief ?


?Our team is headed back to Africa to put your donor dollars to work – putting liquid gold directly into the hands of people who need it most! Because clean water changes everything. It’s about more than just drinking. It’s about… Helping kids like these orphans shown here stay healthy enough to stay in school. Improved hygiene and sanitation. Sterilized hospital tables and instruments. Giving women the time and wellness to invest in their education or find a sustainable income source . Helping newborns live to see their first birthday. When you support @UntappedShores, you build a legacy that is a part of our every success story. We carry you with us on our hearts as we head back to Africa. See you on the other side of the world! ? #untappedshores #fbf #nairobi #kenya #cleanwaterforall #orphanage #givebackasyougo


How are drones saving the world? Search and rescue. Disaster relief. Rainforest seed planting. Animal poaching defense. Aerial ambulances. Firefighting. And then there’s human health. Check out @UntappedShores onstage at Interdrone today to learn how we’re using robotics and big data to solve the global clean water crisis around the world! Because safe water is our bottom line. And humanitarian drones lift us up. ? #dronesforgood #kenya #fbf #untappedshores



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