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The global water crisis needs many heroes. Every waterpreneur has a unique gift. We have ways for every person to contribute in their favorite way so that together we can see a day where no child goes with a safe drink of water.

Launch An Untapped Fundraiser

When you launch an Untapped Fundraiser you take actionable steps to end the water crisis for children in a couple powerful ways. First, 100% of the money you raise will go directly to a safe water project. Second, when you introduce Untapped Shores to other people, you generate broader awareness and your impact multiplies!

We use Facebook as our channel for fundraising since they do not charge any processing fees. That means for every $1 you raise in your fundraiser, $1 goes directly to a safe water project.

Note: If you would like to fundraise in person or via another platform (GoFundMe, Donorbox. etc) let us know and we can work with you [email protected].

Give Monthly

Imagine giving the gift of safe drinking water to one child each month. That’s exactly what our amazing monthly Untapped waterpreneurs do.

Visit Our Store

Show your support as an Untapped waterpreneur!

Amazon Smile

Do you shop with Amazon? Use this link and every purchase you make will give safe water to children in need. And it does not cost you a thing!

Name A Project

Make a large donation or fundraise as a group and we name the project after you.

Partner With Us

There are many ways your organization can help end the global water crisis.

Your Legacy

Untapped Legacy contributors believe that Change Starts With Water and through their gift of water children will achieve their dreams.

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