When you launch an Untapped Fundraiser you take actionable steps to end the water crisis for children in a couple powerful ways.

How to become an Untapped Fundraiser

First, 100% of the money you raise will go directly to a safe water project. Second, when you introduce Untapped Shores to other people, you generate broader awareness and your impact multiplies!

We use Facebook as our channel for fundraising since they do not charge any processing fees. That means for every $1 you raise in your fundraiser, $1 goes directly to a safe water project.

Note: If you would like to fundraise in person or via another platform (GoFundMe, Donorbox. etc) let us know and we can work with you

It’s As Easy As 1,2,3

Set Up Your Fundraiser

Click HERE to launch your custom Untapped safe water fundraiser. Set the goal and end date for your fundraiser and give your fundraiser a name. You can even customize the reason you are raising money. Click CREATE. You’ve created your Untapped fundraiser!

Spread the Word

Share your fundraiser over your social channels. Share your fundraiser over email. The more people you invite to participate in your mission to bring safe water to children the quicker you will achieve your goal. Be sure to provide updated throughout your fundraiser.


After your fundraiser is complete, 100% of the funds you raised will be allocated to a project bringing safe water to vulnerable children living in rural areas of the world.

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