Every child deserves safe water

Safe water keeps children healthy. Healthy children attend school and play. Educated children help solve problems for the future. Change starts with water. Be the change.

What we do

We bring sustainable safe water solutions to the most vulnerable children around the world.

By focusing on three areas we can eradicate water borne-disease from the rural villages we serve.
In addition, our school-based programs protect children from the spread of COVID-19.


Solve all three causes of water-borne disease with one device


Innovate how children learn, engage, and develop good WASH behaviors to keep them healthy


Deliberate actions taken so clean water access lasts long after our project funding does.

about us

Change Starts with Water

We believe that no child should go a day without a safe glass of water. We believe Change Starts with Water and that once we remove this first obstacle a child’s opportunities open dramatically. We believe that we will see the end of the global water crisis in our lifetime. But we have to act now, and we have to work together.

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