Product Features

  • Plastic housing


      In collaboration with the chemical engineers at Nalgene, the plastic used is ideal for the conditions of our target market, while providing the durability needed for long-term repeated use.

  • Funnel

    • FUNNEL

      The funnel design provides smooth splash-resistant pouring of the salt water. The transparency of the funnel allows for the user to view the chemical reaction (bubbling) without needing to expose eyes to the potentially irritant gases being released from the top.

  • Safety gas escape vents
  • Plates

    • PLATES

      This plates are sourced from premium materials to ensure longevity with repeated use.

  • Electrical


      The electrical configuration enables the flexibility of the end user to power the system with a portable included 12V battery with included solar panel (rural) or directly off of a boda or automobile (when available).

  • Ergonomic grip


      The shape and grip have been thoughtfully designed to fit comfortably in a woman’s hand. In most of the areas we target, women have the important responsibility of managing their household’s daily access to water. We target women to lead our projects not only because of this critical action, but because Untapped Shores believes that with the leadership and empowerment of women, we have the best likelihood to solve the water crisis. Read more

  • Fixture and spout


      Our bottom fixture is designed to snuggly fit the included Nalgene bottle for a secure hold so that it can be operated by a single person.
      In case the bottle is misplaced, we have added a spout that perfectly holds the most common sized Coke bottle (using Kenya as the model).

  • Modular design


      Our product is built with premium parts for long-term daily use. However, if a part does wear down we created a modular design so that the device can be fixed with locally sourceable replacement parts to ensure there is no gap in clean water access, ever.

  • Nalgene bottle


      Nalgene has joined our fight to solve the water crisis by donating their high-quality bottles for our initiative. The custom bottles will provide the following benefits to the system:
      – Precise volume measurement.
      – Portability with spill-proof exact pouring spout and spout lock.

Sustainability highlights

  • All-In-One WASH solution

    • ALL-IN-ONE

      Chlorine bleach in the liquid form has many safe and effective uses for our target market:
      -Purify contaminated drinking water
      -Sterilize clinic medical equipment, maternal delivery rooms, hands, and serve as a general surface cleaner.
      -Village hand washing

  • Low/No Cost

    • LOW COST

      The process only requires the sun and salt water to operate. If a village cannot collect ocean water, purchasing trace amounts of salt will be the only cost required to create clean water and sanitation for an entire village.

  • Large Scale Impact


      One Pure Shores CPS system can create enough clean water and sanitation solution for a village of 2,500 people per day.

  • IGA


      The chlorine bleach bi-product can easily be bottled by a local entrepreneur, transported, and sold. This also increases the reach of impact of the Pure Shores CPS(TM).

  • Eliminates NGO dependency


      An important part of ensuring a new technology is sustainable is providing the tools necessary for the end user to solve the problem themselves without reliance on NGO donations. From day one of implementation, Pure Shores CPS will eliminate the need for chlorine tablets and purchased chlorine for sterilization.

  • USI Pillars of Sustainability

    • Picture5

Solving the world’s clean water crisis with the Ocean and the Sun.

For the first time ever, the global gold standard in water purification (chlorine bleach) will be accessible to EVERY person in the world.

The Pure Shores CPS has been thoughtfully designed to bring sustainable safe water and improved sanitation & hygiene (WASH) to the most neglected and hard-to-reach populations in the developing world.

Since 2012, Untapped Shores has field tested various clean water technologies across 19 developing countries while learning of the specific needs of the end user.  Many technologies have provided great value to the beneficiaries.  However, a few clear messages have consistently resonated

  • Give a Hand Up, not a Hand Out. The end users want tools, resources, and training to solve their own problem and reduce the need for NGO intervention.
  • The solutions for Clean Water, Sanitation, & Hygiene are too fragmented. Create one sustainable solution to all 3 issues at once.
  • The solution needs to be able to produce mass amounts of sodium hypochlorite in a short period of time so that a village can purify the water with enough left over for total sanitation.
  • Invest in solutions that last well after the NGO implements. A common frustration is that a new intervention fails shortly after introduced.

These comments exposed gaps in our market solutions, thus prompting Untapped Shores to assemble a team to create a solution, the Pure Shores CPS.

The Pure Shores CPS represents a comprehensive solution that provides an all-in-one 1. clean water, 2. sanitation, AND 3. hygiene solution designed to ensure the highest liklihood of sustainability for specific needs of the rural village in developing areas of the world.