Our Mission

Use enabling technology to provide sustainable solutions to the basic human need gaps for the most vulnerable populations around the world.

Our Name

Untapped Shores is a literal reflection of our clean water technology. We use salt water to create chlorine which purifies water. We are literally untapping the potential of the ocean to solve the global clean water crisis.

Our Vision

Clean water access for every neglected or hard-to-reach person in developing areas of the world.

The founders of Untapped Shores learned a very important message on their very first mission trip which has molded how we structure our projects and innovation development. The best way to create sustainable impact long after we are gone is to provide a Hand UP, as opposed to a Hand OUT, in everything we do. With this mantra, our eyes have been opened to inspiring innovative problem solving that can truly resolve the clean water crisis.
Our process is simple, but effectively leads to sustainable change. Local input drives the entire process. And Keep it as easy as PIE (Plan, Implement, Evaluate)
Give those in the heart of the problem the tools, resources, and support they are seeking and observantly step back. In most cases we have observed, the recipient of the charitable need is eager to solve their own problem once they have the tools.
We are just “teaching a man to fish…”
Build on GBAYG, still offer but focus on building out programs and getting Pure Shores CPS in the hands of those who need it, mass scale u